Our clients don’t fit in a box – they’re all different

And their marketing campaigns are different too. So we’ve become adept at understanding our clients’ campaign objectives and suggesting ways that using hot air balloons or airships can enhance or even become an integral part of that campaign. With social media the power of hot air balloons has grown – wherever you see a balloon, you’ll see people taking photos of it… and sharing or live streaming on social media. We harness that power, and use it to the max. Facebook live, for example, means that wherever your hot air balloon is, your followers are there with you.


Grabbing the Limelight

Whether it’s BBC Breakfast news from Bristol Balloon Fiesta, or niche coverage of a sporting event, we provide the media with an unusual setting for their live or pre-recorded broadcasts. We’re able to pop a presenter in a hot air balloon basket or take the cameraman sky high to get the perfect shot. We can even launch drones from the basket. And if your brand needs to get noticed (and who’s doesn’t!) we can create opportunities for positive media grabbing images.

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