Airships have long been used to fly over stadiums

packed with thousands of people, grabbing the attention of a captive audience. And hot air balloons are not just for flying… the beauty of a balloon is that it can be tethered to the ground, effectively placing a billboard wherever you want it. And if it’s creativity and engagement you want, then balloons and airships deliver without question. An airship is a steerable, flying ad for your brand or product


Being so photogenic balloons and airships soon take your brand back to digital, with images permeating social media and connecting with your target market


We take our clients’ hot air balloons to a range of events, some suggested by us, some by them. We’re always at Bristol Balloon Fiesta, but we’ve also tethered a balloon on the route of Le Tour in Yorkshire, been spotted on BBC Breakfast, and at the start line of the London Marathon. If you’d like to know more about how we can get your brand in front of tv cameras,

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